Facelift, also knows as Rhytidectomy, translates to - the surgical removal of wrinkles. As one begins to age , the face stops producing collagen and the fat atrophies causing the cheeks, neck, and jawline to sag or droop. Growing old doesn't mean one has to look old By removing excess skin and tightening the facial muscles, we are able to correct the harm that the sun, gravity, and aging have on everyone.



Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the procedure take?
  • Every situation is unique, but generally Facelift surgery is about 4-5 hours long.

  • Will it be performed under local or general anesthesia?
  • General anesthesia.

  • How long will I be out of work?
  • About 10 days depending on the level of activity required by the job.

  • What should I expect after my procedure?
  • Patients may experience temporary bruising, swelling, and soreness.

  • Do I need special testing prior to my procedure?
  • Testing is dependent on the patient's health history and age. Testing is ordered for every patient

  • When can I start exercising after my procedure?
  • Patients may resume exercising in 2-4 weeks.

  • Where will I be having my surgery?
  • Aesthetica Clinic is a fully accredited plastic surgery center with offices in Jammu & kashmir. Patients also have the option of having surgery at select local hospitals.

  • How much does surgery cost?
  • Every situation is unique and the cost of surgery depends on several factors. An accurate surgical fee estimate can be provided after your consultation with our plastic surgeon.

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