An Introduction to Non-Surgical Hair restoration

Hair transplantation may not be the appropriate first step for younger men losing their hair. A delayed approach to hair transplantation for a young male, even when the young man is distressed by his hair loss and has expressed a desire for immediate hair transplantation may be the right approach. Alternatives to hair transplantation can provide cosmetic improvement until hair transplantation results in a satisfactory, long-term cosmetic outcome.

A man who begins to lose hair in his teenage years or very early twenties finds himself developing a "middle-age look", twenty years too early. The change in his appearance can be a cause of great concern and emotional distress. The "look" that a young man presents to friends, colleagues, business contacts and potential partners can make or break his success in the social and business worlds-or he may believe this to be the case, with negative effect on his self-esteem

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When Can I Go Back To Work?
  • It is often possible to go back to work within the next day after the FUE transplant. With the STRIP procedure, depending on the level of pain, more down time is usually required..

  • When Will My Newly Transplanted Hair Start To Grow?
  • There is no difference between the STRIP and automated FUE techniques when the hair follicle begins to grow. Normally it takes between three to five months following surgery before the transplanted hair follicles begin to grow new hair. Results will vary from one to another and it may take up to twelve months for the hair follicle to grow.

  • How Many Sessions Will Be Required?
  • The total balding surface area to be covered  will determine the number of procedures you need. The average scalp contains 100,000 follicles before any hair loss occurs. Hair loss is not perceived by patients until approximately 50% of the hair follicles are lost. At Aesthetica  Clinic, our staff is able to harvest 2000 grafts in a single surgical session/day. Our day starts at 0700 hours and we typically end the day between 5-6 pm.

  • How Many Grafts Will I Need?
  • The amount of grafts you will need ultimately depends on your degree of hair loss and desired density.

  • Will It Really Look Natural?
  • Natural aesthetic outcomes are typical with FUE and Strip procedures. The artistry and attention to detail of the Hair restoration surgeon at  Aesthetica  Clinic is our promise to you as a patient.

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